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APSA of Illinois 2017 Legislative Updates

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APSA of Illinois 2016 Veto Session Report

The 99th General Assembly returned to Springfield last week for the final week of the 2016 Veto Session. While the legislative leaders and the Governor met to discuss a budget and reforms, no actions were taken to pass a budget or enact meaningful reforms for business and taxpayers. The 6-month stop gap spending plan expires on December 31st. The 99th General Assembly is scheduled to return on January 9th and 10th for a lame duck session. The new 100th General Assembly will be sworn in on January 11th. Governor Rauner is pushing to continue meeting with the four legislative leaders during December to have a budget agreement and adoption of his economic turnaround agenda.

A summary of the recently concluded Veto Session may be found at this here:  APSA_IL_ 2016_Veto_Session_Rreport_2016-1208.pdf

APSA of Illinois 2016 General Election Results

Finally, it’s over. One of the most divided, hostile elections in recent history is over. Emerging as our new president is Donald J. Trump. Half of the American population is extremely unhappy with this result while the other half breathes a sigh of relief. The new president will have an uphill battle in bringing this country back together to unite us. In recent history, Americans have not had as much distaste for two candidates as they have for Trump and Clinton. If there’s anything positive, we can grasp from this election it’s that more people have become engaged in the political process and polls do not tell us the whole story. Leading up to Election Day, most polls predicted a Hillary Clinton win with Trump trailing Clinton between 3 and 10 percent. With the Electoral College, there was a very narrow pathway for Republicans to win back the White House. A Republican win required Trump to win all dominantly “red” states along with all “toss-up” states and to flip a “blue” state. The biggest surprises of the night were flips in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Read the full report here: APSA_IL_2016_GE_Results_Report_NOV2016.pdf


APSA of Illinois Legislative Ratings for 2016

Our legislative ratings demonstrate the responsiveness of your legislators to the automotive aftermarket industry in particular and small business in general. As business leaders, citizens, voters and taxpayers we need and demand accountability for the actions of our elected officials. These ratings are to aid you in determining whether your legislators are working with you or against you as your business competes in the marketplace.

Read the 2016 Legislative Ratings, click here



PAC - Political Action Committee

APSA of Illinois Political Action Committee (PAC) is the financial support arm of the APSA of Illinois successful legislative presence in Illinois. The PAC committee works diligently to ensure that the money is used in the support and actions that validate the livelihood of our business and industry’s survival in the state of Illinois.

Why should you support the APSA of Illinois PAC?

The PAC is your opportunity to support APSA of Illinois and the legislative efforts by putting your money where your mouth is. APSA Illinois legislative success is limited by the value you in the industry put into having a strong and powerful voice in the halls of state government. By financially supporting the APSA of Illinois PAC, you are providing this organization with the essential tools to protect your business.   

APSA of Illinois has a long track record of ensuring that member’s contributions are used in the most politically advantageous opportunities for our industry. The support given to political policymakers is recognized and crucial to ensure industry friendly candidates are elected to office or maintain their positions in state government.

How do you get involved with APSA of Illinois PAC?

First, make sure you contribute the standard request on your annual dues statement that is sent to each year.  Remember, the donation amount on the member ship renewal is just a minimum suggested amount; you are always welcome to contribute more, just mark in the amount of support you would like to give. You can also complete the following form:  (PAC contribution Form PDF link) and sent it into the APSA of Illinois office.

In addition, as a contributor to the fund, you can volunteer to assist in the distribution of the support by volunteering to personally deliver contributions to legislative candidates. WE strive to ensure that our supported legislators get to know a contributor to the fund and build a relationship with our industry.

Sometimes your financial support can speak as loud as words, so please participate in APSA of Illinois’ Political Action Committee today!


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