Automotive Parts & Service Association of Illinois

WEB Connect Color Combos


Choose from a flagstore color combo, one of APSA's beautiful custom color combos - or provide your own company colors.

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Flagstore Color Combinations & Logos

Auto Value, The Alliance and Bumper to Bumper yellow black c50000 & white   Auto Value logo Auto Value logo

Carquest 083d9a d7232f     Carquest logo    

Federated Auto Parts ff6600 ffff00 0000ff & white   Federated logo    

NAPA 000c6c ffb20f 0000ff & white   NAPA logo NAPA logo

Parts Plus cc0000 & white f96a00 & black ffb500   Parts Plus logo Parts Plus logo

Pronto 0000ff e1bb00 black & white   Pronto logo Pronto logo

TruStar cc0000 white 0000ff   TruStar logo    

Uni-Select cc0000 black white   Uni-Select logo    


APSA of IL WEB Connect Custom Color Combinations

#1 8b9542 6c5422 6633a0   563160 b7113c a28c00 #2

#3 7f7263 483e34 c60035   aa651f 6a282a e3ad00 #4

#5 a5d32d black 934ebe   9aafcb 4b4923 817c3d #6

#7 817c3d e1ad40 40325c   5a3d23 red 685924 #8

#9 a85121 black 644b25   322354 cb7b00 a41b3d #10

#11 513037 634260 b30044   6a73b4 5e2042 dbaa18 #12

#13 black 626971 ba0c35   black 3e771d ab26a7 #14

#15 5a6833 23282e 252da3   195892 8cb61d ff0000 #16


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